• from The Wall Street Journal - "The Recovery's Knotty Underside: Being Forced to Move for Your Job"

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The Recovery's Knotty Underside: Being Forced to Move for Your Job

July 15, 2004


Some resources for relocating families
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More workers are facing a knotty work-family challenge: Relocating for your job.

The summer moving season has sparked a boom in corporate transfers -- one sign that the economy, which has been giving mixed signals lately, is on track for a recovery. Transfers are running 10% to 15% ahead of a year ago, making this the busiest season since 2000, says Cris Collie, executive vice president of Worldwide ERC, a nonprofit Washington, D.C., relocation-industry group. Total 2004 transfers are expected to rise 8% to 10% from 2003, ERC says. for the complete Wall Street Journal article go to http://WSJ.com

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