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Tom Lewis, Jr.
Vice President

May 10, 2002

William L. Bainbridge, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Blendonview Office Park
5027 Pine Creek Drive
Westerville, Ohio 43081

Dear Dr. Bainbridge:

The recent SchoolMatch report on the quality of our local public schools provided us with a wealth of information on the strengths and weaknesses in our Osceola County public schools. The report did not mince words and was buttressed with data and analysis. You and other members of your staff are to be commended for the process that you use. The unique ability of SchoolMatch to provide benchmark districts with which we could compare ourselves is an invaluable component and one that, I believe, sets your company apart from others. It was important to us that our schools be compared with districts that were similar in socio-economic and demographic terms. SchoolMatch indeed conducts their audits on such a basis.

We are very pleased with the audit-benchmark approach used by SchoolMatch in establishing a public tool that can be used by everyone in evaluating the process of school improvement at the district as well as individual school level. In that it measures across achievement levels, there are identified areas of improvement for all.

SchoolMatch is able to compile, compare and evaluate objective data. Additionally, they offer assistance in evaluating school district policies, procedures, structure and leadership. These steps are important in order to help a district establish the appropriate steps for both improvement and for standards of performance.

You provided us with an opportunity to evaluate our district against national standards and other school systems of similar size and demographics. While SchoolMatch may not always have told us what we wanted to hear, they always told us what we needed to know. They provided the catalyst for needed change.

I highly endorse the procedure and process used by SchoolMatch and would recommend this audit/evaluation for other school districts.

Thank you for your outstanding service to our community.

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