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Questions and Answers

"Over the years as a superintendent, I have had occasion to work with a variety of consulting groups to address specific needs of the districts in which I worked. Without reservation, I can say that the professionalism of the personnel, thoroughness of the SchoolMatch Audit and quality of the final product were the best I have experienced."

Gail McKinzie, Ph.D.
Indian Prairie(IL) School District

Q: What is a FairCompare Analysis & Audit?

A: A FairCompare Analysis is an assessment of the quality of education established in a school district. The process examines the degree to which a school district meets the criteria of effectiveness. Effectiveness is defined as achieving educational results at a level equal to or better than those achieved in school districts which have been recognized as being effective, usually the top 20% of similar school districts.

Q: What areas are assessed?


  • School system policies
  • Test data/student performance
  • Attendance data
  • Dropout rates
  • Advanced Placement/honors classes
  • Grading patterns
  • Public perceptions
  • School/community partnerships
  • School improvement plans

Q: What are the benefits of a FairCompare Analysis & Audit?

A: There are many benefits to an Analysis & Audit. The most important benefits for schools and school systems are:

  • useful, accurate information about the degree to which the school district is effective in educating students.
  • effectiveness levels related to policy formation, attendance levels, achievement levels, and correlates of effectiveness such as leadership, high expectations, and emphasis on learning
  • specific recommendations on implementation of policies and organizational structures to become more effective
  • information to increase public confidence
  • accurate information for decision-making and resource allocation
Community benefits include:
  • greater understanding of school system effectiveness
  • enhanced potential for supportive relationships among schools, local media, families, businesses, and community groups

Q. Who initiates a FairCompare Analysis & Audit?

A. An Analysis & Audit may be commissioned by a school system or group of school systems, corporations, foundations, or any other group or organization interested in school assessment.  Often, local newspapers and businesses are instrumental in supporting and publishing Analyses & Audits in their communities.

Q. What is the purpose of a FairCompare Analysis & Audit?

A. Its purpose is to identify areas of school system operation which can be improved and to highlight excellence.  The Analysis & Audit makes specific commendations and recommendations, providing methods for achieving school system improvement in student performance."

Q: What are the steps in conducting an Analysis & Audit?

  • Collection of school system policies, results information, and school personnel/community perception data
  • Examination and analysis
  • Interviews with selected school leaders
  • Observations made during visits to a sample of schools
  • Determination of school system effectiveness levels
  • Preparation of report

Q. To whom will the Analysis & Audit be presented?

A. A preliminary report will be given to the superintendent and/or any other sponsoring organizations for review.  A final report will then be presented to those same individuals or groups depending on the nature and scope of the Analysis & Audit.

Q. How long does it take to complete an Analysis & Audit?

A. Depending on the size and complexity of the school or school system, an Analysis & Audit will take two to three months (more complex situations can take longer).

Q: What is the cost of an Analysis & Audit?

A: The Analysis & Audit investment begins at $16,000 and will increase depending on the size and complexity of the school system and the scope of the Analysis & Audit.

Q: How are the SchoolMatch Databases Used in the Analysis & Audit?

A: SchoolMatch maintains comprehensive databases on every public school system in the USA.  The databases allow the auditors to compare school systems with other school systems having similar demographic characteristics.

Q: How can we obtain more information about a SchoolMatch® FairCompare Analysis?

A: Contact us:
Write us at:
2200 Lane Woods Drive
Columbus, OH 43221
Call us at: Phone: (614)890-1573
Leave us a message at: FairCompare Information Request

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