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    Following is a list of articles and reports available on the web that were generated as a result of a FairCompare Analysis & Audit.

    Lake County, Florida: The Daily Commercial

    Fort Worth, Texas: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

    Redlands, California: San Bernardino County Sun

    Duval County, Florida: Florida Times-Union

    Teacher training
    Web-posted 7/29/97
    When she took her first teaching job in a low-income Jacksonville neighborhood eight years ago, Karen Dahlin wasn't fully prepared to teach kids who sometimes disrupted her class, had little experience with computers and had trouble reading.

    Higher certification standards urged
    Web-posted 7/29/97
    Sixty years ago, Florida teachers who met a few state standards would be certified to teach for life.

    Program targets students before they fail
    Web-posted 7/29/97
    Johnella George, like many of her classmates at Andrew Jackson High School, seemed destined for failure.

    A sizable sacrifice
    Web-posted 7/14/97
    In the next seven years, five elementary schools, four middle schools and a high school are slated to open in Duval County - all but one are far larger than national research indicates is best for students.

    Getting rid of poor teachers can be a matter of years
    Web-posted 6/29/97
    It can take years to remove incompetent teachers from Duval County classrooms.

    Thirty minutes or 30 hours?
    Web-posted 6/29/97
    Thirty minutes or 30 hours? It's difficult for school administrators to say how much observation it takes to adequately evaluate teacher performance.

    Legislation might not affect Duval teachers
    Web-posted 6/29/97
    The Florida Legislature passed laws in the spring designed to speed the process of weeding bad teachers out of the classroom. But it's unclear to administrators and union leaders if the legislation will have a significant effect on Duval County schools.

    Classes prep college-bound high-schoolers
    Web-posted 6/23/97
    Advanced placement classes are more difficult and in-depth than regular high school courses and culminate in a three-hour exam. Juniors and seniors who pass the exams qualify for free college credit.

    Successfully closing the gap
    Web-posted 6/23/97
    Students who sit down to take an advanced placement exam in the Duval County schools have a year or, in some cases, only a semester of preparation for the college-level tests.

    Thousands of students victims of 'grade inflation'
    Web-posted 6/22/97
    Experts with SchoolMatch, found evidence of slight to moderate "grade inflation", the awarding of grades higher than students deserve, in all 17 Jacksonville high schools.

    A balance of power
    Web-posted 6/15/97
    School Board members are often called to address constituents' concerns. At the same time, SchoolMatch, an educational consultant, says members need to stay out of day-to-day school system operations.

    Office would set student standards
    Web-posted 6/13/97
    Superintendent wants to create a separate office to track student performance.

    Study: Schools' revamp plan falls short
    Web-posted 6/13/97
    SchoolMatch experts say the county's reorganization plan doesn't go far enough.

    West Jacksonville works to improve poor performance
    Web-posted 6/8/97
    At West Jacksonville Elementary on a recent Friday, AmeriCorps volunteer Jonathan Delifus mesmerized a group of fifth-graders with a simple experiment about fire.

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