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You wouldn't trust your physical health, financial accounting, tax preparation or legal work to firms or individuals without appropriate credentials. The same holds true when you are researching schools.

It is important to know that those collecting, assembling and reporting the data are experts in fields related to tests and measurements, school finance, school personnel matters and educational evaluation. SchoolMatch® has assembled experts in the various areas of school data to provide accurate and comparative information. The SchoolMatch® staff and advisory group include:

  • Executives with experience in more than 20 school superintendencies
  • 15 professionals with doctorates in educational research or related fields and experience in school finance, accreditation and testing
  • National leaders in public school finance, facilities, management, accreditation, testing, instruction and research

SchoolMatch® school data researchers have the following kinds of background and experience:

  • Hold advanced degrees in educational research or leadership from leading colleges and universities.

  • Are certificated by state boards of education in educational research or leadership

  • Have published articles in respected education journals

  • Have experience in school and university administration

  • Have a long track record in conducting school research

  • Are able to converse directly with parents and explain comparative data

  • Provide databases in which "average" is always average - the 50th percentile

  • Have no conflict of interest through real estate-based commissions

  • Are objective and unbiased in conducting and reporting data

  • Have conducted audits of school data

SchoolMatch® data collection is continuous. Specialists secure current data from a vast network of auditable hard data sources. Contacts with county auditors, regional planning commissions, accrediting agencies, state education agencies and state taxing authorities serve as principal sources of data. Comparative information on public school systems and private school systems is presented in selected formats. SchoolMatch® resources include:

  • School ratings

  • Counseling services for exceptional children

  • International school choice

  • Child custody assessment

  • Expert school litigation services

  • Corporate relocation and recruitment support

  • Corporate WorkLife programs

  • School marketing research and support

  • Corporate site selection research

  • Audits of Educational Effectiveness™

  • School survey research

SchoolMatch® sorts the apples from the oranges and provides data which
are both accurate and comparative across school systems, county and state lines.

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