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"Mean-Matching" -- SchoolMatch® researchers can "level the playing field" when comparing school system outcomes

The nation's premier school evaluation firm, SchoolMatch®, provides researchers, school leaders, corporations and foundation executives with customized identification of school systems with similar characteristics.

The SchoolMatch® System is built on the concept that schools and school systems should base their goals on the performance of "Mean-Matched" educational organizations. In order to avoid comparing "apples with oranges," this system compares schools with others in terms of socio-economic status including adult education level, family income level, poverty rates and English language proficiency.

In addition SchoolMatch® Consultants through the direction of Dr. M. Donald Thomas, Dr. William L. Bainbridge and Dr. Steven M. Sundre provide school systems with Audits of Educational Effectiveness.

Dr. Thomas, SchoolMatch® Advisory Board Chairman and a widely respected educator, told Effective School Report, "The SchoolMatch® database is an invaluable resource for educational consultants, school improvement teams and administrators." He explained that schools should be compared with other schools that were "Mean-Matched" in terms of resources and student socio-economic status. "The SchoolMatch® database has immense value," he said.

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