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Mediation Services

Dispute Resolution Through Mediation

Dr. Philip E. Tieman
Dr. Philip E. Tieman

As a new addition to its existing slate of services, SchoolMatch now offers a conflict resolution mediation program, headed by trained mediator Dr. Philip E. Tieman. Dr. Tieman, a former superintendent in five school systems in New York, New Jersey and Ohio, has proven experience in several areas of mediation, including Win/Win Labor-Management Negotiations and Win/Win Negotiations. He has completed training programs with Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio and Conflict Management Services, Columbus, Ohio.

Mediation as a form of conflict resolution

  • focuses on interests rather than positions
  • separates the people from the problem
  • utilizes objective criteria to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution
In recent years, there has been increasing awareness regarding the usefulness of mediation in conflict resolution: individuals and institutions have recognized that the benefits of effective mediation outweigh the adversarial effects of litigation. Mediation is a process that facilitates conflict resolution through constructive confrontation. Focused on meeting the major interests of all sides in a dispute, mediation offers an environment in which involved parties may invent options for mutual gain.

Dr. Tieman currently serves as the Administrator in Residence at the University of Dayton and is a consultant with the Ohio Department of Education. He has served as an Adjunct Professor and Lecturer in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of Dayton and The Ohio State University and as the Assistant to the Director of the National Center for Research on Vocational and Technical Education. The University Council for Educational Administration honored him with their Excellence in Educational Leadership Award and he was named Outstanding Administrator by the Central Ohio Special Education Regional Resource Center. The Columbus Jewish Family Services named him their Janice B. Ballas Award winner and he received the Distinguished Service Award from OSU-EDliners. He earned his Ph.D. in Educational Administration at The Ohio State University, an M.Ed. in Educational Administration from The University of Cincinnati and a B.S. in History from The Ohio State University.

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To view Dr. Tieman's resume click here

To engage Dr. Tieman's mediation services, please write or call Melanie Kleinlein .

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