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Project Management Services

Dr. Bruce Mousa
Dr. Bruce E. Mousa

Does your organization have any of these characteristics?

  • Projects are completed late, at the last minute, in a hurry, use more scarce resources than planned, lack clear and distinct goals, lack cost tracking mechanisms or do not meet requirements

  • Changes are implemented using weak or non-existent standard processes and techniques
  • Project management exists only for facility-related issues or is contracted to an outside organization
  • Management of projects is reactive and not viewed as providing value for the system
  • Change occurs with little attention directed toward how to best manage and implement the change
  • Projects are completed within limited time frames which create heavy stress and require overtime work
  • Consider some staggering facts* about businesses:

  • 40% of organizations are working on large-scale projects that are no longer relevant to the business need it was intended to fix
  • U.S. firms spend $75 billion on cancelled projects each year
  • 40% of all projects fail to meet their success criteria
  • 26% of projects will cost 189% of the original estimate
  • 28% of IT projects are cancelled or aborted
  • *Source: H. James Harrington, Cutter IT Alignment Survey

    Don't let these characteristics plague your organization's hard work and efforts to implement change. At the heart of positive, productive change in any type of organization is a simple principle: productive implementation of real change requires careful, step-by-step planning and day-to-day management. It is the central concept underlying effective and efficient systemic change and improvement. Successful change requires additional attention to projects that bring about the change. A project is simply a set of activities with a distinct beginning and end, done to provide a unique service or product. Productive change depends on effective and efficient management of change through the use of structured project management disciplines and effective communications.

    Why invest in Project Management?

  • Enables dollars spent to be tracked to chartered, prioritized corporate initiatives
  • Incorporates a commitment to quality principles
  • Creates alignment with strategic goals
  • Produces world-class products and improved customer, stakeholder and employee satisfaction
  • Reduces wasted dollars invested in failed or ill-advised efforts
  • Improves communications and efficiencies by developing unified methods, standard definitions and language
  • Allows an organization to use unique strengths to their advantage
  • Allows change agents in an organization to work in a controlled and deliberate fashion
  • Creates factual historical data on which to make better decisions
  • Quantifies the value commensurate with the cost
  • Optimizes the use of scarce resources
  • Training/Mentoring

    Training in Project Management("PM") is offered to allow organizations to be more productive in existing and emerging PM concepts. A variety of courses are available starting with overviews in project management followed with workshops that teach management concepts and skills. Mentoring and consulting services are available to assist organizations in achieving value for projects with the implementation of PM techniques or to provide support in developing an organization-wide PM program. PM concepts used are those developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and identified in PMI's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), a universally accepted set of concepts which are ANSI approved.

    Dr. Bruce E. Mousa is a Senior Executive Consultant with SchoolMatch and an expert in project management. He was an administrator in Worthington (OH) Schools for over 20 years and served in a variety of capacities, including as Chief Business Officer for the district. He was involved in projects in human resources, employee negotiations, strategic planning, school construction and renovation, operating levy and bond issue preparation, budget planning, employee fringe benefits, school safety and security, and many other related areas. In the summer of 2000, Dr. Mousa was granted certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute (PMI), its highest level of project management certification. He has developed project management training programs and training curriculum for a variety of organizations and has extensive experience as a project management instructor, mentor and coach. Dr. Mousa received his Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership from The Ohio State University.

    Information about Project Management and its benefit for your organization can be obtained by contacting Dr. Mousa at SchoolMatch, 614-890-1573.

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