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Selected Articles About SchoolMatch

We invite you to learn more about elementary and secondary education and SchoolMatch. The following is a selected listing of articles written about SchoolMatch.

"Story of the school tax - An effort to overcome the 'underfunding' of education", THE SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE , March 12, 2006:

"The Recovery's Knotty Underside: Being Forced to Move for Your Job", THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, July 15, 2004:
"The best source of test scores, student-teacher ratios,
spending and education level of residents."

"SchoolMatch® Makes a Difference" , REAL SIMPLE, New York (NY), April, 2004.

" Making The Grade- A company allows relocating parents to examine potential school districts before they move. " by Ann Merrion, Realtor® Magazine Online, Chicago (IL) February, 2004.

"Education Summitt Stresses Quaility, " by Julia Crouse, THE LEDGER, Lakeland (FL) October 24th 2003.

"Consultants Take A Look at City's Schools, " by Jonathan Van Fleet, THE TELEGRAPH, Nashua (NH) October 16, 2003.

" Dayton's Demographics Matter , " by Ellen Belcher, DAYTON DAILY NEWS, Dayton (OH) January 19, 2003.

"Audit Confirms School Board In Need of Cash, " by Richard Peacock, THE LEDGER, Lakeland (FL) January 15, 2003.

"Is Your Child's School Good Enough, " by Tom Lauricella, OFFSPRING, New York, (NY). September/October 2000.

"Choosing a School" By Kathryn. Microsoft's Women Online Forum. January, 2001

"Chase Enhances Home Financing Web Site With SchoolMatch Data." April 2000.

"Santa Rosa advised on tough school cuts." By Louis Cooper. Pensacola (FL) News Journal. December 6, 2001.

"Firm Helps Match Parents, Desirable Schools." Flyer. July 28, 1996

"House Buyers Are Willing to Pay for a Good Education." By Felicia Paik. The Wall Street Journal. July 5, 1996.

"Executive Relocations--and Hassles--Increase." By Jonathan Auerbach. The Wall Street Journal. April 5, 1996.

"Check Up on Your Child's School." Working Mother. May, 1996

"Home Buyers Go Shopping for Schools." By Del Jones. USA Today. May 15, 1996.

"Selecting a School." Kiplinger's Personal Finance. April, 1996

"The Good News About Our Schools." Better Homes and Gardens. March, 1996

"Pinching Pennies with Good Results." By Priscilla Pardini. The School Administrator. March, 1996

"A Tougher Grading Scale." By T.J. Becker Chicago Tribune. February 11, 1996

"Report Card." By Felicia Paik. The Wall Street Journal: February 16, 1996

"100 Top Schools in Towns You Can Afford." By Denise M. Topolnicki. Money. January 1996.

"Searching Out a New Neighborhood With Good Schools." By Ellen James Martin. Universal Press Syndicate. January 27, 1996

"School Profiles Help Parents with Choices." USA Today. November1, 1995.

"Magnet Schools Receive Good Marks." Partners in Education. May, 1995

"Going Country - Where to Turn." By H.J. Cummins. News Day. April 15, 1995

"It's a Calamity: Teachers Should Still Go to Work." By Herb Cook, Jr. Worthington (OH) Suburban News. March 1, 1995.

"Bring the Kids." Chicago Tribune: January 20, 1995

'Playing the Classroom Card." Tampa Tribune: January 16, 1995

"Ways to Select the Right Neighborhood." Boston Globe: December 18, 1994

"Public Schools Can Rival Private." By Dennis Kelly. USA Today. September 19, 1994

"Competitiveness - Education." John Naisbitt's Trend Letter. September 15, 1994

"Instant School Rankings for Child Custody." The Advocate. August, 1994

"Pursuing the American Dream." Plants, Sites, and Parks. August 1994

"Education - Quality of Life." Plants, Sites, and Parks. July/August 1994

"Great School, Cheap: Keys to Education Excellence." American Demographics. July 1994.

"Making a Play for Buyers - School Information." The Plain Dealer. July 31, 1994

"Parents Get Some Help Tracking Down the Top Schools in the Country." Chicago Tribune. July 6, 1994

"Relocating to a City You'll Find Comfortable." National Business Employment Weekly. July 30, 1994

"Upholding Honor of a President's Name." USA Today. February 21, 1994.

"SchoolMatch Makes it Its Business to Help Parents Choose Where They Live." By Mark Walsh. Education Week. November 3, 1993.

"Did You Know, You can Get Help Finding the Right School?" International Real Estate Update. Winter, 1993

"Vantage Point - What Parents Really Look for in a School." Independent School. Winter, 1993

"Top Schools = High Home Values." Consumer's Digest. September/October 1993

"SchoolMatch for Your Child." Woman Engineer. Fall, 1993

"Q & A." Parenting. August, 1993

"Firm Helps Transferees Find Right School." By Nancy Richison. Small Business News. July 1993.

"Housing Values Tied to Top School Districts." Christian Science Monitor. June, 1993

"Family Finds This School a Perfect Match." By Nancy Weil. St. Petersburg Times. May 31, 1993

"Matching Service Finds Dual Market." By Ron Lietzke. The Columbus Dispatch. May 24, 1993.

"Matching Students and Schools with SchoolMatch." Relocation Report. January 1, 1993

"Expert Testimony on the Quality of Schools: A Hot New Issue in Child Custody Cases." Bar Bulletin. December, 1992

"Breaking Up is Hard to Do." By Paula DeWitt. American Demographics. October 1992

"Change is Essential if You are to Be Competitive." By Harley E. Rouda. Real Estate Professional. October, 1992

"How to Make Your Move." Money. September, 1992.

"SchoolMatch: Acquiring Essential Data on Schools." Effective School Report. August, 1992

"Relocation: Got a Match?" Sales and Marketing Management. July, 1992.

"School Quality and Child Custody." Education Today. June, 1992

"Auditing School Performance to Create a New Work Force." By C. Daniel Raisch. HR Horizons. Summer, 1992

"How can You Find the Best Schools? Call SchoolMatch!" Education '92. May, 1992

"Housing: the Very Best Deals." Parade: April 26, 1992

"Good Schools and Low Living Costs." American Demographics. March 1992.

"Relocating the Children? Sounds Like a Job for School Match!" Employee Relations and Human Resources Bulletin. February 21, 1992

"Under the Microscope." By Kellye Carter. The School Administrator. February, 1992

"School Quality Plays Larger Role in Custody Battles in Divorce Cases." By Junda Woo. The Wall Street Journal. January 31, 1992.

"Grade A Education on a Shoe String." By Pat Ordovensky. USA Today. November 18, 1991.

"New Service Helps Provide Information to Moving Families." By Ruth Regula. The National Education Secretary. Winter 1991.

"Consultants Launch Effort to Assess School - Business Partnerships." By Jonathan Weisman. Education Week. October 30, 1991

School Matching Service Offered as Employee Benefit." Employee Benefit News. October 1991.

"School Shopping Made Simple." Better Homes and Gardens. September 1991.

"Solace for New-School Blues." Across the Board. September 1991.

"24 Hour Employees." Personnel Journal. August, 1991

"SchoolMatch Service Helps Relocating Companies." Area Development. August 1991.

"Quality of Life: Education." Plants, Sites, and Parks. July/August 1991.

"Moving with Kids: The Search for the Right School." Parenting. April 1991.

"Factors that Parents Want in their Children's Schools." Education Research Service Spectrum. Spring, 1991

"School Match Eases Relocation Process." By Connie Burgess. Relocation Journal. Spring, 1991

"In the Market for a Public School?" By Amy Stuart Wells. The New York Times: Education Life. January 6, 1991: 4A.

"How to Get Your Money's Worth from the Local Schools." Money. May 1990.

"Studying Area Schools Before You Make a Move." By Pat Ordovensky. USA Today: May 29, 1990

"Easing the Moving Blues." Newsweek. July 3, 1989.

"How to Find a Good School in My Neighborhood?" Family Circle. January 12, 1988

"School Matchmaker." Child. November/December 1988.

"Matchmaker, Matchmaker...." Entrepreneur. October 1988.

"A New Way to Pick a School." The American School Board Journal. July, 1988

"Grading Schools." Woman's World. July 19, 1988

"Find the Right School Before You Buy." Homebuyers' Handbook. Summer 1988.

"A New Strategy for Successful Relocation." By John C. Bramlage. Personnel - AMA. May, 1988

"How Does Your Child's School Stack Up?" Parents. March 1988.

"Firm That Rates Schools Used by Lawyers in Custody Cases." By Gary Hengsler. American Bar Association Journal. March 1, 1988.

"Rating Your Local Schools." Sylvia Porter's Personal Finance. March, 1988

"Homing in on Schools." By Nancy Henderson. Changing Times. February 1988.

"Relocation Help for Children." The National Report on Work and Family - BNA. February, 1988

"Finding Hidden Pearls in Real Estate." Physician's Assets. January 1988.

"Are You Relocating Your Family in the USA?" The International Assignment. December 1987.

"Back to School." Success. December, 1987

"Helping the Oft-Neglected Offspring of Relocators." National Business Employee Weekly. December 6, 1987

"Personnel Update--SchoolMatch." Human Resource Executive. October 1987.

"Here's How to Find Real Estate Bargains." Physician's Guide to Money Management.. October 1987.

"Help in Finding the Right School." Kiplinger Washington Letter. October 2, 1987.

"Moving? Find a School First!" Better Homes and Gardens. October, 1987

"Reading, Writing, and Relocating." By Mary Duffy. Changing Homes. Autumn 1987.

"Finding the Right School." Industry Week. August 24, 1987

"High-Tech Help for Families on the Move." USA Today. August 13, 1987.

"Moving? Here's Help." Housekeeping. August, 1987

"Education Database." Real Estate Today. July 1987

"Matching Families, Schools." Employee Benefit News. June 1987

"News You Can Use: The Right Neighborhood." US News and World Report. June 15, 1987.

"Real Estate Companies Assist Relocating Parents in SchoolMatch." Ohio Realtor. June 1987

"Schools, Homebuyers' 'Matched' Via Service." The Daily Reporter. June 9, 1987.

"Find that School." Working Mother. May, 1987.

"Help for Mothers on the Move." Working Woman. May, 1987.

"Relocation Resources." TWA Ambassador. March, 1987

"SchoolMatch Aids Parents Needing School Information." By Karen Torry. Crain's Chicago Business. February 9, 1987.

"Computerized Matchmakers." The Rotarian. January, 1987.

"How Companies Can Trim the High Cost of Relocation." Business Week. November 3, 1986.

"Making Educated Choices." North American Real Estate. October 1986.

"New Tool Available to Help Land Key Personnel." EMA Reporter. October 1986.

"Personal Business: School Search." Business Week. October 27, 1986.

"Readers Report: Information Sells When It Answers a Need." Business Week. October 13, 1986.

"Moving? Software Helps Pick New School." USA Today. October 8, 1986.

"New Service Helps Parents on the Move Find a School." By Tim Doulin. The Columbus Dispatch. July 30, 1986: 6E.

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