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FairCompare Analysis & Audit Assessment of School System
and School Quality

SchoolMatch is a research and database services firm that collects, audits, integrates, processes and manages information about public and private elementary and secondary schools.

The FairCompare Analysis & Audit utilizes the SchoolMatch databases to carefully identify levels of effectiveness for schools and school systems. The auditors use sophisticated data mining techniques to search for trends and patterns. Thousands of families, businesses, organizations and schools turn to SchoolMatch each year for specialized consultion.

View the School System Financial Analysis of the Polk County, Florida Public Schools (pdf)

View an actual SchoolMatch® FairCompare Analysis & Audit on:

  • Carrollton, Kentucky   view
  • Chesterfield, Virginia   view
  • Columbus, Ohio   view
  • Duval County, Florida   view
  • Elmwood, Illinois   view
  • Exeter, New Hampshire   view
  • Fort Worth, Texas   view
  • Guilford County, North Carolina   view
  • Indian Prairie, Illinois   view
  • Nashua, New Hampshire   view
  • Newport, Kentucky   view
  • Osceola County, Florida   view
  • Oxford, Mississippi   view
  • Polk County, Florida   view
  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire   view
  • Redlands, California   view
  • Rialto, California   view
  • Sarasota County, Florida   view
  • Springfield, Ohio   view

The above list is only a sample of the over 1000 SchoolMatch® FairCompare Analyses done by our experts.

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