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SchoolMatch® School Marketing
Research and Support

SchoolMatch® by Public Priority Systems is a consulting, research and database service firm helping school suppliers. SchoolMatch® makes it easier and less expensive to close in on potential, high volume, school clients. SchoolMatch® staff works with selected outstanding firms to "target" their school markets.

The SchoolMatch® approach to School Marketing includes:

  • Lead generating publicity
  • Lead analysis
  • Endorsement development
  • Prospect workshops
  • Case study design
  • Customer profile presentation
  • School-focused advertising
  • Targeted direct mail
  • Educational convention management
  • Sales staff training in how to relate to school customers
  • Accurate school data
  • Association relationships
  • Strategy recommendations

Benefits to the School Supplier include:

The School Market

  • Gain instant expertise
  • Use proven systems
  • Focus marketing dollars
  • Access new customers
  • Save money
  • Produce positive results
  • Implement easily
  • Nearly $800 Billion market
  • High potential for repeat sales
  • Budgeted dollars needing to be spent
  • Minimal credit/collection problems

Close in on your targeted sales markets accurately and easily with help from SchoolMatch®.

Closing in on potential school clients becomes much easier when SchoolMatch® experts work with firms to "target" their school markets. Use accurate micro-targeted school neighborhood data to describe your best prospects. Successful marketing depends on accurate descriptions. SchoolMatch® can describe the population of every high school attendance area in the United States. Using broad census and government data frequently gives an unfocused, homogenized portrayal of your market prospects. SchoolMatch® breaks metropolitan areas into high school attendance neighborhoods. The result is smaller, well-described, discrete target markets. Data at this level better define incomes, education levels, poverty rates, and the likelihood to purchase consumer products. Only SchoolMatch can provide this level of micro-community information about your customers.

Since 1986, clients have benefited by incorporating SchoolMatch® consulting, research, data and systems into their organizations and projects.

SchoolMatch® has alliances with organizations ranging from The University of Dayton to LexisNexis to Westlaw to IBM Business Consulting Services to Office Depot and LexisNexis. Clients include McGraw-Hill, Fidelity Investments, KPMG, Owens Corning FIBERGLAS, Ryder International, Ernst & Young, The Limited, and hundreds of school systems and newspapers.

Please see the following links for more information:

Credentials Are Essential in choosing a school educational source.

Consultant Roster
Specialized SchoolMatch® consultants are selected for a particular project with regard to their experience in similar districts, their knowledge of functions that need to be performed, and their specialized expertise in the field of education.

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