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Research and data about school differences has become increasingly important during recent years. Professionals from many fields need educational experts who can provide customized information and support services -- ranging from database access to consultation and extensive analysis. To meet these needs, the SchoolMatch school ranking, rating, evaluation and assessment organization has assembled a roster of distinguished leading educators and highly skilled staff. Clients have benefited by incorporating SchoolMatch data, systems and experts into their organizations and projects.

Professionals and consumers seeking school and community information need to check data sources carefully. SchoolMatch provides accurate, timely, auditable information to assure that clients can make fact-based and informed judgements. All information is relational and comparative. SchoolMatch data collection is continuous. Specialists secure current data from a vast network of auditable hard data sources. Comparative information on public schools is presented in a variety of selected formats.

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This website is designed to provide access to school information. SchoolMatch is the school research and database service firm that specializes in rating schools (K-12) using auditable data for the parent and corporation, including school ratings for the parent, Realtor and homebuyer, school choice consultation, counseling services for children with special needs, expert legal support services, comparable school evaluation, child custody assessment, and school data for the real estate appraiser, title firm and mortgage lender. School and community quality of life assessments are also available for corporate relocation, recruitment, WorkLife benefit programs, human resource services, site selection, school-business partnership audits and school market research.

Strategic Alliances:

    The SchoolMatch Institute is a not-for-profit center at the University of Dayton designed to extend and enhance the delivery of Audit services.

    Other SchoolMatch strategic alliances have been developed with organizations such as:

  • IBM Business Consulting Services
  • High/Scope Educational Research
  • Foundation
  • Lexis-Nexis
  • Parents
  • Westlaw
  • parentsoup
  • MGT of America

SchoolMatch has been featured by:

  • USA Today
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Business Week
  • The Today Show - NBC
  • American School Boards Journal
  • CBS News
  • American Demographics
  • National Public Radio
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Parents
  • Money
  • Good Housekeeping
  • American Journal of Family Law
  • Cable News Network - CNN
  • Newsweek
  • Changing Times
  • Good Morning America - ABC
  • Education Week

Partial List of Client Engagements

Allegheny Policy Council for Youth and Work Force Development
Alliance for Education
Allstate Insurance
Argus Foundation
Arr-Maz Products L.P.
Associated Grocers of New England
Bank of New Hampshire
Bank One
Bartow Steel
Bell Atlantic
Buyer's Edge
Carillon Lakes
Catholic Medical Center
Central Florida Development Council
Century 21
Chesterfield (VA) County School Division
Citizens Bank
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Columbus Dispatch
Columbus (OH) Public Schools
Community Foundation of Sarasota County
Corporate/Community Schools of America, Inc., for the Chicago Public Schools
County of Chesterfield (VA)
Cypress Gardens
Dayton (OH) Public School District
Duval County (FL) Public School District
East Side Union (CA) High School District
East St. Louis (IL) School District # 1 89
Eastman Kodak
Elmwood Park (IL) Community School District 401
Enterprise for Economic Excellence
Ernst & Young LLP
Exeter (NH) Cooperative Region School District
Federal Savings Bank of New Hampshire
Fidelity Investments
First Federal Savings
Fleet Bank
Florida Legislature
Florida Times-Union
Florida Lift Systems, Inc,
Fort Worth (TX) ISD
Fort Worth Star- Telegram
Fox Chapel Area (PA) Public Schools
Gannett Foundation
Grable Foundation
Greater Manchester (NH) Chamber of Commerce
Greenwich (CT) School District
Hampton (PA) Public School District
Hartford Union (WD High School District
Heinz Endowments
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center
Henry C. Frick Educational Fund of the Buhl Foundation
Illinois State Board of Education
Indian Prairie (IL) School District #204
Jefferson Parish (LA) Public School System
Johnson & Johnson
Killebrew Inc.
Kissimmee-Osceola (FL) Chamber of Commerce
Knight Ridder Foundation
Lake County (FL) Public Schools
Laramie County (WY) Public Schools
Lakeland Regional Medical Center
Lee Hecht Harrison
Manchester (NH) School District
Mid-Florida Federal Credit Union
Nashua Telegraph
New Hampshire Business Review
New Hampshire College
Newark (OH) Advocate
Newark (OH) City Schools
New Hampshire Business Review
Nissen Advertising
Northgate (PA) Public School District
Northwestern Mutual Life
Norwest Mortgage
Ocean National Bank
Olentangy (OH) Public School District
Osceola (FL) School District
Osram Sylvania
Owens Coming FIBERGLAS
Park National Bank
Pennsylvania Economy League
Pepsi-Cola Company
Pittsburgh Foundation
Pittsburgh (PA) Public Schools
Polk Business for WorldClass Education
Polk Community College
Polk County (FL) School District
Portsmouth (NH) School Department
Quaker Valley (PA) Public School District
Rialto (CA) Unified Public School District
Ryder International
Saint Bernard Parish (LA) Public Schools
San Bernardino Sun
San Bernardino (CA) Unified Public Schools
Sarasota County (FL) Public Schools
Sarasota Herald- Tribune
Savannah-Chatham County (GA) School District
Seacoast Newspapers
Selby Foundation
South Regional Professional Development Center
Southwest Airlines
State Farm Insurance
Sun Trust Bank
Sunco Carriers, Inc.
Sylvan Learning Center
Terrebonne Parish (LA) Public Schools
Thomas J. Evans Foundation
The Club at Eaglebrook
The Ledger
The Limited
Time Warner Entertainment Company
Tyco International
United Parcel Service
University of South Florida
Upper Arlington (OH) City Schools
Venice Foundation
Walt Disney World Company
Warren (OH) City Schools
Webster University
Westerville (OH) City Schools


By sorting the apples from the oranges, SchoolMatch provides data which are both accurate and comparative across school system, county and state lines. SchoolMatch is an educational research and database service firm specializing in rating schools (K-12) by using auditable data and ranking schools. School systems and high schools are ranked in a national percentile format, making it possible for comparisons by the parent, homebuyer, corporate leader, policy maker, educator or Realtor. SchoolMatch has alliances with nationally prominent firms such as IBM, High/Scope Educational Research Foundation, MGT Americas, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Chase Manhattan Mortgage,, e-home,WestLaw and Lexis-Nexis. Clients include Dow Jones, Hearst, United Parcel Service (UPS), Andersen Consulting, McGraw-Hill, Ernst & Young, KPMG, First American Real Estate Soultions, Transamerica, The Limited, Readers Digest, Lee Hecht Harrison, and hundreds of school systems and newspapers. SchoolMatch consultants also provide personalized services in the areas of school choice, counseling services for exceptional children, expert legal services, comparable school evaluation, and child custody school assessment. Services to the corporate client include relocation data, recruitment, WorkLife benefit programs, human resource tools, site selection, school-business partnership audits, and school market research.

SchoolMatch Information:
Professionals and consumers seeking school and community information need to be careful what they use. SchoolMatch provides accurate information to assure that clients can make fact-based and informed judgments. All information is relational and comparative. SchoolMatch data collection is continuous. Specialists secure current data from a vast network of auditable hard data sources. Contacts with county tax assessors, county auditors, regional planning commissions, accrediting agencies, state education agencies and state taxing authorities serve as principal sources of data. Comparative information on public school systems and private schools is presented in a variety of selected formats.

SchoolMatch offerings:
School Ratings
Counseling Services
International Relocations
Litigation Services
Employee Recruiting Services
Work/Life Services
Marketing to Schools
School/Business Partnership
Survey Services
Audits of Educational Effectiveness
Attorney and Legal Services: Expert Services Provided by SchoolMatch.
How to Benefit from Using Education Experts
SchoolMatch and School Litigation
School Evaluation Factors
Conditions for Effective Schooling
Comparing State Educational Resources

SchoolMatch has databases on all 15,900 public school districts, all public high schools, and all 14,000 accredited private schools in the United States. SchoolMatch consultants have been qualified as Education Experts in a majority of states and assist lawyers to win favorable decisions where the principle focus includes: Standards of Care: School Personnel Matters Standards of Care: School Accidents Standards of Care: School Accountability School Evaluation to Determine Child Custody. Parents involved in child custody disputes, litigation and negotiations are advised to seek legal counsel specializing in family or matrimonial law. SchoolMatch databases are used in conjunction with Expert Witness Testimony in child custody matters to provide compelling evidence for school placements ensuring the best educational interests of the children. SchoolMatch enables research and analysis of policies and standards of care ratings that are provided in comparable and/or surrounding schools or school systems. "Child Custody Solutions by SchoolMatch has been most helpful in evaluating the school systems involved so that we may offer testimony showing which system offers the best advantage to the child."

SchoolMatch also provides the Audit of Educational Effectiveness of school systems based on the comparisons of results in demographically and educationally similar school systems across the nation Are the schools doing a good job of educating students? The SchoolMatch Audit of Educational Effectiveness can help answer this question through an assessment of the quality of education provided within a school or school system. Using the SchoolMatch databases and sophisticated data mining techniques, auditors identify levels of effectiveness for school systems to achieve based on comparisons with demographically similar school systems. Areas assessed include student performance, attendance, drop-out rates, Advanced Placement or honors course offerings, grading patterns and public perceptions. The Audit makes specific recommendations and provides possible methods for achieving improvement in student performance. Schools and school systems, businesses, newspapers, foundations, organizations and community groups sponsor Audits in order to assess and enhance the quality of education in their communities.

Realtor database supports Realtors throughout the country. By subscribing to SchoolMatch databases they can provide corporations and families with the school information they need to choose appropriate schools and communities. Having the SchoolMatch information at the Realtors' fingertips gives families a significant benefit when choosing a home, and provides the Realtor with an important marketing edge.

Expert School Litigation Services: SchoolMatch consultants have been qualified as experts in a majority of states. Experts assist matrimonial lawyers through the Child Custody Solutions program, or they research standards of care in school accidents, school personnel issues and school liability.

Counseling Services: SchoolMatch experts in gifted and special education provide advice and information for parents dealing with unique educational situations. Experts are available for professional consultation about learning differences, academic gifts and talents, and promising athletic skill. Professional consultation on international relocations and child custody assessments is also available. Our experts provide parents with an in-depth look at a range of school services designed to accommodate a family's special needs.

Corporate Relocation and Recruitment Support: SchoolMatch programs help companies retain and attract key employees. Information on school options can help convince individuals to accept new positions. Finding appropriate schooling for children is often the biggest concern facing relocating families. Current, objective and auditable school and community information often makes the transition much easier for the employee's family.

Corporate WorkLife Programs: School choice and quality are hot issues facing working parents and corporations. When looking for valuable and low-cost benefits for parents of school-age children, corporations find school rating and selection assistance a very important tool. Firms find such programs helpful in retaining and promoting the best employees.

School Marketing Research and Support: Closing in on potential school clients becomes much easier when SchoolMatch staff work with firms to "target" their school markets. The SchoolMatch approach to school marketing includes: direct mail, sales , and lead generation.

Consultants include:
William L. Bainbridge, Steven M. Sundre, Kathy Bleimes, William R. Mason, Jr. , Richard A. Boyd, M. Donald Thomas, Donald M. Thompson, Donna Maria Alvarado, Suzanne Burkholder, Cameron M. Martin Kane, Beverly M. Lowe, James C. Manley, Harris, Richard P. Koeppe, Sherry A. Lahr, Shirli Vioni Billings, Bruce E. Stephen M. Vargo, Mousa, C. Daniel Raisch, Thomas J. Lasley, Roderick J. McDavis, G. Robert Bowers, H. Dale Holden, Frederic K. Lawrence, Dorothy Zerger, Allan L. Forsythe, George R. Fichter, Karen Angello, Roger Lulow, William A. Guy, Bill Guy, Gail McKinzie, Thomas S. Tocco, Billy Cannaday, Faye Hunsinger, Bill Kennedy C.P.A., Jerry Cherry, Alonzo A. Crim, M. Anne Campbell and Martin W. Essex

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