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How To Request SchoolMatch Services

For further information about any SchoolMatch service, leave us a message at: Customer Service

To order by mail:
2200 Lane Woods Drive
Columbus, OH 43221

SchoolMatch accepts major credit cards. Please provide the account holder's name, account number and card expiration date. Other orders require a pre-paid check or money order with service requests.

Report Cards

To order Report Cards online, please go to

Dr. William Bainbridge

SchoolMatch Audits

Dr. William Bainbridge

If you would like information regarding a SchoolMatch® audit, contact President Dr. William L. Bainbridge at 1-904-230-3001 or leave a message for him at: SchoolMatch® Audit Information Request

Child Custody Solutions

For further information regarding Child Custody Solutions or school litigation support,
call Dr. William L. Bainbridge at 1-904-230-3001.

Melanie Kleinlein

News Media Inquiries

Melanie Kleinlein

News media representatives are encouraged to contact us at 1-614-890-1573. Communications Coordinator Melanie Kleinlein will be pleased to answer questions and schedule interviews with our officers and consultants.

William Mason

Corporation-Related Information

William Mason

If you would like information about our family-friendly Corporate WorkLife benefits, relocation, recruitment or site selection, leave Wiliam Mason a message at: Work Life Benefits

Dr. Steven Sundre

Data Leasing

Dr. Steven Sundre

If you would like information about leasing SchoolMatch data, contact Executive Vice President Dr. Steven Sundre by leaving him a message at: License SchoolMatch® data

Contact us: Customer Service
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